"Connexion" - Explanation

We are born from the past, we live in the present and we turn to the future, connected in a circular time where past, present and future are a single temporal dimension.

In this watch the black circle symbolizes the past, without numbers is the background to the hands anchored to it. The hands represent our “being in the present”, our roots with the past and our choices aimed at the future. Past, present and future that come together in the link between the black and white circle, with the hands that live and flow through both circles. And it is the white clock that symbolizes the future. With the numbers engraved above it indicates the hours or, metaphorically, the different vicissitudes of life to go through and to live from the day of our birth.

Distinguishing past, present and future as different time dimensions is perhaps the simplest way our mind takes to define time. It is more complex or perhaps impossible to really understand that in the same instant in time we are past, present and future.

"Connexion" - Spiegazione
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