"Divisus - Description and Explanation

Description: For the realization of the sculpture "Divisus" a larch construction waste board was used. We obtained different parts, then glued on different levels, trying to obtain an irregular and squared circle with a three-dimensional effect. Each part was then treated with different processes and finished with different waxes. The irregular circle was then fixed by means of an aluminum bar to a cut of serizzo recycled from a scrap.

Meaning: "Divisus" from the Latin "divided". With this name and this sculpture we tried to represent the divisions that govern our world. We praise globalization in a world divided under different points of view. Even more today we can see the stark world divisions at the political and governmental levels of our planet, causing wars and poverty. The division between the richest and the poorest is becoming increasingly clear and the hypocrisy of Western development at the expense of the poorest nations is ever more rampant. In a world divided socially, politically and governmentally, climate change is the worst enemy that can be faced. The problems related to the climate are of a global nature, consequently this obliges us to join forces to fight it, to coordinate our choices to stem it and above all it obliges us to become responsible for our actions to safeguard man and the planet. But we are still a long way from being a united world.

"Divisus - Descrizione e Spiegazione
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