LA STAMPA - Design objects from scraps "So I left the office job"

From a pallet he gets a coffee table, from a stump a lamp: they recycle waste wood, they bring the added value of an idea and a philosophy that transforms them into design items, sold online with the Neh Italia brand.

To do everything is a very small family business of Premosello.

«Maybe to some it may even seem strange, but we don't lack customers» smiles Simone Zonca. With Omegna's girlfriend Rossana Di Leo, future psychologist, and her father Roberto, who has manual talent, for five years Si-
mone embarked on a feat that was more than just a gamble.
Freshly graduated as a business expert and correspondent in languages
foreign, the young Zonca had found employment in the office of a housewares firm. After three years of working as an addict, the desire to establish himself on his own led him to evaluate something different. "An e-commerce activity that began with the customization of water bottles for companies, schools, manifest-
tions, which was then followed by the one with which we give a second life to the wood discarded from other production cycles »explains Simone Zonca, underlining how everything is linked within the practical declination of eco-sustainability.
Their creations, which have visibility through social media, have been noticed by the promoters of Artspace, a cultural network that organizes «AmbientArti». It is the painting exhibition that, with the slogan "nature is the first form of art",
will have the third edition at Palazzo Durini in Milan from April 27 to May 6.
"They asked us to create the seven prizes that will be given to the winners of the event" reports the owner of Neh Italia. Four are ready, three others are missing the finishing touches.
They are small conceptual works that refer to reflections on the environmental theme. There are the raised arms of three dead branches asking not to give up to deforestation, the circle formed by segments of wood taken from different recoveries that represents the different approach in the world to the climate emergency. Then a white-painted larch disc and a smaller one charred, which suggest the idea of ​​how the community without borders committed to preserving the planet's resources should grow.
Again: a black globe streaked with blue refers to seas, lakes and streams suffocated by plastic. The works that are being completed suggest above all the race against time to stop the warming of the Earth. "In all
there is much of Rossana's contribution of ideas, who studies psychology »says the young man from Premosello. «One of the works we are finishing - he continues - shows the vision of the person affected by neglect of the clock face, a disorder that arises when a stroke damages the right side of the cerebral hemisphere.
It is no longer possible to decipher what is on the left. It also happens to many of us: unable to focus on the complete image of what threatens our future ». Here to read the article on "LA STAMPA": Design objects from wood waste: "So I left the office job" - La Stampa
LA STAMPA - Oggetti di design dagli scarti "Così ho lasciato il lavoro d'ufficio"
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