"Bonds and individualism" - Description and Explanation

Description: The sculpture is composed of 2 circles made with recycled larch wood and a base of recycled slate. The larger circle was worked with small circles on the entire external surface and subsequently painted white. We then brushed both the front and back of the circle with multiple colors. The smaller circle was cut across its entire surface, painted black and then we made a small red circle on the front. The two circles were then set on the slate, with the smaller one in the foreground compared to the larger.

Meaning: in a capitalist society that nourishes self-gaze, individualism and competition, the problem of climate change is even more difficult to tackle. We live in a world where consumption and waste guide us in all our actions, feeding the transience of things and bonds. Speed, excess, waste and self-centeredness are the result of a consumerist and individualistic mentality. Climate Change requires us to have a different mentality and approach both in human relationships and in our choices. The little red round in the center of the black circle represents the individual and his mentality, individualistic, self-centered, surrounded by the black darkness of his loneliness and his choices, destined to shatter in the face of the complexity of climate change. On the contrary, the white circle and above all the multiple splashes of color, represent the greatness and the infinite web of bonds that make up the nuances of our being. Man is born and grows within a social fabric which he cannot ignore. To deal with climate change, therefore, we must put aside our ego and give importance to relationships, trying to understand every nuance that lies behind our human relationships and with nature. Only in this way will we strengthen our perception of existing within a community and a sense of responsibility towards the planet of our future.

"Legami e individualismo" - Descrizione e Spiegazione
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