"Plastic Earth" - Description and Explanation

Description: From 2 recycled larch boards we obtained a circle which was then split irregularly into 4 moving parts. Each part has been handcrafted with different details and processes. After painting it black it was splashed with blue and blue. Finally, all 4 parts were fixed to a recycled spruce base with a brass bar.

Meaning: A black and polluted planet in every layer, from the subsoil to the waters, from the earth to the skies. A planet submerged in plastic everywhere. In every corner of the globe it is possible to find some microplastics that will take hundreds of years to dispose of. With the blue and blue sketches we wanted to represent the pollution caused by plastic. Up to 12.7 million tons of plastic end up in the planet's seas every year. Every minute, every day, the equivalent of a truck full of plastic ends up in the seas of the Earth. The damage that plastic pollution causes to our planet and our health is invaluable both for the present and for the future. Generations after us will find a planet of plastic.

"Plastic Earth" - Descrizione e Spiegazione
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