"Blind Spot" - Description and Explanation

Description: The sculpture was made with 2 fir boards recycled from construction waste and worked to obtain a circle and its base. We initially painted one half of the circle white, which was splashed with a series of colors at a later time. The second half of the circle has been finished with a black spray that fades over the white and colored half. The same steps were also made for the base. In conclusion, numbers were laser engraved only on the black half. The circle and the base were then connected by a cylindrical brass bar.

Meaning: This sculpture is inspired by a neurological disorder called “Neglect”. It is a disorder that emerges following a brain injury and determines the difficulty for the patient to report the presence of visual, auditory stimuli, etc. in the contralesional space and to perform actions towards that part of the space that is not explored. The clock test is often used to diagnose this disorder: the patient is asked to draw a clock and it is often noted how the numbers are placed in only one half of the dial. We need this premise to understand the meaning of sculpture. We have, in fact, represented the vision that the person suffering from neglect has of the clock face. The circle represents the planet divided into two halves. The white and colored half symbolizes the beauty, liveliness and harmony of Nature, which is about to be sucked into the other black half, a color chosen to represent the evil of our activities and the damage that climate change is causing to the planet. The Neglect, therefore, in this sculpture is metaphorical of our inability to perform actions to safeguard Nature and its beauty and to see what we are doing with our hands. We act by polluting and emitting emissions in a capitalist and consumerist world (the black half of the circle) that is unable to improve and broaden its view of political and individual actions aimed at combating climate change. A blind spot for which there is probably no cure.

"Punto Cieco" - Descrizione e Spiegazione
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