"Time" - Description and Explanation

Description: “Time” is the name chosen for this sculpture. From an irregular lime tree table we have drawn and obtained an hourglass finished with natural oil; in the upper part of the hourglass there is a beech sphere, half colored blue, blue and green and half black damaged by cuts. In the lower part of the hourglass we have depicted a flame actually burning the wood. The whole front surface of the hourglass is hand gouged and the sides worked with circles. The hourglass is found in the middle of the remaining parts of the lime table, obtained precisely from the design and cut of the hourglass. These 2 irregular shapes were then burned using the Japanese Shou Sugi ban technique and painted black. The whole is fixed on a black spruce table.

Meaning: Time passes and it does, unfortunately for us, too fast to stop and undo the countless damage caused to the planet by climate change. A planet that is ruining, burning and even melting mainly due to human activities. That black half of the sphere represents a planet that is slowly crumbling more and more due to the polluting and brutal activities that we commit every day to the detriment of the planet. The time that flows on the hourglass is represented by a flame that burns the planet. Furthermore, the flame is the symbol of pollution, of our emissions and of everything that is burning the planet Earth. The only metaphorical way to "stop time" on the hourglass and therefore to stop our damage to the planet, is to extinguish that black flame (emissions and pollution), in the hope that the Earth will regain its splendid colors.

"Time" - Descrizione e Spiegazione
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