Avatar 2 - Because it's a must-see movie!

Of course I assume the first one was also watched.

I won't dwell on the cinematographic technical part which obviously does not fall within my competence but on the themes that have been dealt with in the film. After the first Avatar it was certainly difficult to create a sequel that was equally exciting, compelling and non-repetitive at the same time.

In the first Avatar , main themes stand out such as the connection between man and avatar , the choice of Marine Jake Sully to leave his life behind to be part of a deeper world, connected with every particle of Nature and last but not least the theme of conquering man , violent and hungry to enrich himself with the raw materials that the new world has to offer.

The second Avatar in my opinion is even more exciting and in some moments even heartbreaking .

Without making too many spoilers about the plot, I think the film is first of all very current in the topics covered. The conqueror and destroyer man of Nature does not leave us in this sequel, on the contrary he becomes even more violent and without any brakes. Anything that gets between him and his will is destroyed or killed. The environment , nature , animals and even the various native populations are just a hindrance, a problem for one's interests. And it is simply a part of human history, made up of wars, conquests, killings and destroyed natural environments . Technologies that are advancing faster and faster in spite of poor but spiritually rich populations, attacked by a strong bond with their own territory. For modern man there are no borders, in an increasingly globalized and compromised world that attachment to one's own territory does not belong to him. Driven by the need for " progress " and anything that can feed one's hunger for immortality and conquests. Man who also in Avatar becomes more and more artificial and continuously helped by machines .

In spite of all this, on the other side we always have the Na'vi , a people where Nature and spirituality are at the center of everyday life . Jake Sully and Neytiri's family grows. Children are taught everything through solid principles. Everything around them has a value from which to learn something, every action has a meaning and everyday life is marked by times and natural spaces , on a human scale and not a machine one. If on the one hand killing animals is normal , for the Na'vi even simply catching a fish is an action that brings with it spirituality, awareness of one's actions and last but not least, it brings with it the effort made with one's own hands and not for means of technologies. Because according to their culture, the energy that is given to you will one day be returned. We are and live thanks to Nature and we will be Nature again.

As the film continues, another of the themes addressed is the emigration of the Na'vi people to another "region". Also in this case there are many aspects that are transmitted to us, first of all emigrating means leaving one's home and one's ties, without knowing what awaits you on the other side , hoping for someone's help. Once you arrive in your new home, you feel indebted and almost submissive to the host population. Sometimes one is laughed at and left last in the group. We take charge of all this driven by the strength of survival and aware that there is no turning back, we can only demonstrate that we have an important value in the new context.

In short, these themes and much more, together with the plot, make Avatar 2 a film that must be watched. I hope I have enticed you at least a little bit and let me know what you think!

Avatar 2 - Perchè è un film assolutamente da vedere!
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