“… Love of all things seems to me the main one. Penetrating the world, explaining it, despising it, can be the work of great philosophers. But I only care about being able to love the world, not despise it, not hate the world and me; I only care about being able to consider the world, and me and all beings, with Love, admiration and respect ”.

With the book "Siddhartha", written in 1922 by the German author Herman Hesse, Nobel Prize for literature in 1946, another part of my life began.
Like many twenties, in this nihilistic age, I too found myself not knowing if what I was doing, especially my work and my daily routine, represented my person and my values.

I felt that something was wrong now ... Do you know when you wake up in the morning already tired, heavy and troubled at the thought of facing yet another equal day? Here in this period of my life, the book "Siddhartha", opened my eyes to many things, but above all it dragged me to listen to myself.
I slowly began to think and reflect, putting into play what had now become my habits and my lifestyle. That boring everyday life had blinded me.
How could I have become so monotonous? How had I managed to get so far away from the beauties of Nature and to have become one more pawn in this world that did not give space to my voice?
These are some of the questions that have pushed and motivated me to change my life.

I felt charged, young, new, with a strong will to take my life in hand and to help people and the environment.
The promise I made was that I would no longer be satisfied with what I had, but first of all I would always put my being one with the world, "... considering the world, Nature, me and all beings, with Love, admiration and respect".

These are still the principles and values that accompany me day by day in every choice, decision and gesture and which are the basis of my business.

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