Stabilized moss and recycled wood for a green design!

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What can we accomplish

We can make different types of articles and processes with stabilized moss. From frames and panels in recycled wood of different sizes, shapes and completely customizable , to other types of items such as clocks, tables, wall key rings, photo frames and much more.

Who are our creations for?

We address our creations to everyone. We can work for restaurants, bar o pub, companies, any other commercial activity or even, of course, for the single private client.

What is stabilized moss

Preserved moss is a lichen that undergoes a stabilization process, in order to reduce maintenance to a minimum . The lichen is collected, selected and placed in large tanks immersed in a mixture of glycerin, water and food colouring . After about two weeks of immersion it is left to dry .

How is it maintained?

The stabilized lichens are therefore able to maintain the characteristics of softness, color and structure for about 10 years . They do not need water, earth or light, but the ideal conditions for their correct conservation include an environment whose humidity does not drop below about 40% : lichens are maintained thanks to the humidity of the air. Not to be exposed to direct sunlight.

What else can we make with stabilized moss?

We believe that all our recycled wood and stabilized moss items can create a unique environment and an innovative design, find out what we can do


Coffee tables


Wall clocks

Discover the products with stabilized moss already made and available for purchase!


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Catalog of stabilized materials

Not only preserved moss and lichen, but also flowers , leaves and much more . Browse our catalog and write to us to request a made-to-measure process by filling out the form above or call us on 3406594588!

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