Our sculptures

7 sculptures for the 7 winners of the " Ambientarti " exhibition. Each sculpture depicts a different reflection on climate change.


“Burnlife” , the life that burns and that is burning. Trees are the lungs of our planet and are slowly collapsing due to our human activities such as pollution, deforestation and fires.

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"Bonds and Individualism"

In a capitalist society that nourishes self-gaze, individualism and competition, the problem of climate change is even more difficult to tackle.

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The cage has always been the symbol of the deprivation of personal freedoms. In this sculpture, in the center and inside the cage, there is the planet.

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"Plastic Earth"

A black and polluted planet in every layer, from the subsoil to the waters, from the earth to the skies. A planet submerged in plastic everywhere.

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" Divisus " from the Latin "divided". With this name and this sculpture we tried to represent the divisions that govern our world.

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Time passes and it does, unfortunately for us, too fast to stop and remedy the countless damage caused to the planet by climate change.

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"Blind spot"

This sculpture is inspired by a neurological disorder called “ Neglect ”.

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