What is NaturArte?

"NaturArte" is our way of expressing and transmitting thoughts, concepts and messages related to different themes, through our art . “ Nature” because we are inspired by its complexity both in the materials used and in most of our concepts. “ Our art” because we let our minds free to express itself. To the thoughts and messages we want to convey, we combine our imagination and creativity to create various types of sculptures .

What is used to make the sculptures?

To make our sculptures we only use recycled materials . Mostly wood of various essences. We also use stone , iron and / or other metals that are always recycled, to create, for example, the bases of our sculptures.

Why NaturArte and Neh Italia?

Because from the beginning of our journey with Neh Italia we have always felt the need to convey a lifestyle, environmental and social concepts, our thoughts and to send out messages. With our products we have succeeded in part to do this. "NaturArte" is our expression , it is the way to communicate who we are and what we think.

Past events

"Ars Tempus"

Ars Tempus exhibition will take place from 8 to 30 June 2022 at the modern Hub / Art gallery, during the period of the Salone del Mobile. About 40 international artists are expected to participate in the exhibition. We will participate by making the prizes for the 7 winners of the exhibition.

Look at our sculptures

Ambientarti - III Edition

We participated by creating the prizes for the 7 winners of the collective exhibition " Ambientarti " organized by " Art Space ", which took place from 27 April to 6 May 2022 at the prestigious MA-EC gallery in Milan.

Look at our sculptures

Some of our sculptures

Write to us to collaborate with us!

Write to us for more information on our sculptures, to collaborate with us on the occasion of an art exhibition or for any other event and / or project or to buy one of our sculptures.

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