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Pareti a partire da € 120,00 al metro quadro! Richiedi il tuo preventivo su misura!

Most of our days are spent indoors. Our goal with preserved greenery is to make these interior spaces greener and bring nature into homes and businesses. Request your online quote.

Starting from € 120 per m2.

  • Acoustic insulation

  • Quick assembly

  • No water and no maintenance

  • Biophilia effect


Each of our walls is designed and produced to measure. The customer is accompanied in the most suitable choice. We will listen to all your needs to create an item that meets every requirement in terms of durability, effectiveness, aesthetics and design. We can also insert company logos inside the wall. It is possible to choose between different colors and styles of moss, lichen, leaves and flowers.


Everything we produce is handmade in our headquarters in Premosello. Only real plants are used and preserved with natural methods. Our work is passion and attention to detail in the creation processes.

Standard or sound-absorbing panels

Our plant walls are supplied by dividing the total size of the wall into custom-made panels. The stabilized green is fixed on two possible panel variants: sound-absorbing panel or the standard MDF panel. Both of quality and resistant over time. Based on the customer's needs, we evaluate which type of panel to use.

  • Sound-absorbing panel

    Example of high-performance sound-absorbing panels on which stabilized greenery is glued.

  • Mdf panel

    Example of the most used panels. Made of MDF on which the stabilized green is then glued.

Quick and easy fixing

The fixing we recommend is the classic one with screws and plugs that we supply. Simple, quick and eternal. No specific skills are required for wall mounting, it can be done independently.

No maintenance

Stabilized greenery does not require maintenance. Preserved green walls are the best alternative to vertical gardens with live plants. The stabilization process makes it long-lasting without requiring the maintenance that live plants require. The only precaution is to avoid direct sunlight and high humidity.

The benefits

  • Reduces noise

  • Natural and sustainable

  • Increases well-being

  • Handmade

Online quote

You will receive a response shortly to your email or we will contact you by phone should we need further information.