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Discounts for the entire month of March! Request customized quote!

Give creativity to your spaces!

Request your personalized quote. Different prices based on the type of material requested and the general customization of the painting. The materials catalog is sent once the online quote has been requested.

Request a quote
  • Custom designed

  • Shapes of your choice

  • Customizable frames

  • Moss, flowers and leaves

We create the picture together with you

Each painting is designed and produced to measure with the customer. For us all paintings are different and each in its own way is a work of art. This is because we create the picture step by step together with the customer. There are many variables and nuances that make each painting different from the other, just as each person is special, unique and different from another.

Not just moss!

Our paintings are all handcrafted. You can compose the painting by choosing from all the variants and colors in the catalog of moss, lichen, flowers and leaves of all types. You will tell us what you want in the painting and we will try to find the best composition, updating you and sending you photos.

Customizable shapes and frames

Not only will the interior be completely customizable, we will also be able to design the shape and wooden frames of each painting. Create your ideal painting or set of paintings in stabilized green with us.

Online quote

You will receive a response shortly to your email or we will contact you by phone should we need further information.