The Neh Italia brand represents our daily commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Our Brand is now recognized throughout the national Italian territory thanks to the Neh Italia bottle line, launched in 2018. Since that year we have cut down plastic pollution for a total of 7,000,000 bottles, equivalent to 210,000 kg of Co2 issued for their production. We are committed daily to living sustainably and constantly reducing our ecological footprint . We are a young company located in Premosello-Chiovenda in the province of Verbania and our work is a daily and personal journey towards environmental and social sustainability . The water bottles were only the first step and the first product that we wanted to launch throughout the national territory. In fact, we have expanded our catalog with many ecological gadgets and above all with all the creations we make by recovering and recycling wood . In fact, our great new project launched in the summer of 2021 is called “Relife - The recovery and rebirth of wood” . It is carried out by our family on a daily basis, recovering pallets, wood discarded by companies and the timber fallen in the woods of our area, without cutting any plants or branches. With the wood that we manage to recover, we try to create objects that give meaning and life back to what is usually called waste. We want to convey a different mentality and a new lifestyle through our Brand. We would like to become the company aimed at the change that we all need and the concrete example that we can manage to live in a socially and environmentally sustainable way.

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