Sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity in every sector.

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Design and preserved moss

We can make different types of articles and processes with preserved moss. From frames and panels in recycled wood of different sizes, shapes and completely customizable, to other types of items such as clockstables,  wall key ringsphoto frames and much more, all handcrafted and Made in Italy .

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Design, wood and recycle

We recover fallen plants, wood and pallets discarded by companies, giving them a new life in our laboratory, in the name of design, sustainability, craftsmanship and Made in Italy. Discover our products and our processes!

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And finally: NaturArte, our Art!


The "NaturArte" project is based on the creation of artistic sculptures made with waste and recycled materials, to convey our thoughts and to address various current issues.

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So, who we are?

  • Sustainability

    Ours is a family business and we have created our own brand Neh Italia in 2018 based on the principles of environmental and social sustainability .


    We focus a lot on choosing the design of ours eco-friendly gadgets offered to companies but above all we take care of every detail of the design in the creation of our products in wood and moss .

  • ART

    With "NaturArte" we embark on a new path. We recycle waste materials to make sculptures, trying to convey a message on current and always different themes.

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