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We produce and sell green biophilic design products and systems with stabilized green to improve the indoor environments of homes and company.

  • Eco-friendly

    Preserved green is a sustainable and ecological product

  • No maintenance

    It requires no water or maintenance

  • Always green

    Always green thanks to the natural stabilization process

  • Increases well-being

    Reduces stress and increases well-being by creating green environments

Vertical gardens

We create custom-made green walls with stabilized greenery (moss, lichen, leaves, and flowers) that enhance the space of residential areas, offices, restaurants, or businesses, reducing noise levels and creating a sense of well-being and harmony with nature

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Create online your Mosswall

We provide you with a unique and free service! Send us a photo of your wall to cover and select the moss color. We will prepare a free graphic preview and a quote for the work to be done! This service is valid only for walls to be covered with stabilized lichen.

  • Soundproofing

  • No water needed

  • Very simple assembly

  • Biophilia effect


We design customizable paintings with stabilized greenery. You will be able to choose the frame, the measurements, the shape and everything you want to insert inside the painting: moss, lichen, leaves and stabilized flowers. Different prices based on customer requests and selected material.

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  • Custom designed

  • Customizable frames

  • Moss, flowers and leaves

  • Shapes of your choice


We have developed a wide range of products that allow them to fit into any existing furniture, giving life to green furnishing accessories, with a biophilic design, such as paintings, coffee tables, mirrors and much more. Different prices based on customer requests and selected material.

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  • Watches

  • Coffee tables

  • Keychain

  • Mirrors

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