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Ecodesgin: our style and point of view

Ecodesgin: il nostro stile e punto di vista

Ecodesign and circular economy are two key elements of a sustainable economic model. A design based on the efficient use of resources and materials, in fact, allows both to reduce the environmental impact linked to production, but also contributes to reducing the amount of waste generated, by intervening on the durability, reparability, and recyclability of materials. Our design style is born from these values. We are committed every day to studying our next product in the best possible way, focusing on recycling, eco-sustainability and innovation aimed at respecting the environment.

We do not deal with mass production with polluting and/or not very resistant materials. Our furnishing items are born from the important work of recovering and recycling materials, often even at the cost of buying them from those who were about to discard them. We dedicate all the time needed to design and create the best possible product made up of the materials we have managed to recover. We put ourselves at the complete disposal of Nature and recycling. Innovation and the future will pass through an important change of perspective: we will no longer be the ones to dominate Nature and discard what we don't need, but we will have to let ourselves be dominated by what Nature has to offer. Only in this way will we become part of a deeper universal balance.

Our design is this. The products we create represent our thinking, from stabilized moss to recycled wood. Every material that comes into our hands is a challenge to be faced with respect and admiration.

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