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The advantages of preserved moss

I vantaggi del Muschio Stabilizzato

Preserved moss: install it and forget about it

Have you ever thought about covering a wall, a ceiling or a corner of your interior with a real moss coating? Can you imagine the reaction of those who will enter, faced with an element of nature placed in a commercial or working context?

Yes, because preserved moss is a 100% natural product, but at the same time it has characteristics that make it similar to an artificial coating: no maintenance, essentially after installation you no longer need to think about it!

All without counting the important benefits it brings to the health of those who spend most of their time in these environments.

The benefits of preserved moss

Preserved greenery can contribute to improving the comfort of work spaces and the quality of the air we breathe. How? Thanks to:

Sound absorption: stabilized moss is designed to absorb sound naturally, reducing noises that cause stress, poor concentration, etc. In this way, it can contribute to significantly improve work performance and quality of life.

Humidity regulation : preserved moss is able to maintain a humidity rate between 40 and 60% inside the rooms, thus allowing to avoid the proliferation of bacteria (favored by excessive humidity) and at the same time to prevent that, on the contrary, too dry air leads to health consequences such as dryness of the respiratory tract or allergies.

No water, no need for light or care such as pruning or even removing the dust that settles on it, being antistatic: in essence, zero maintenance !

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