Moss: for a green and innovative design

For an innovative and green design of environments such as offices, shops or public places, we have developed a range of products and furnishing accessories with stabilized green capable of satisfying the most varied decorative needs.

That of stabilized greenery is now a real revolution that will forever change the way of conceiving vegetation and interior spaces, without maintenance costs. Their advantages compared to living green are mainly three and concern: convenience, usability and costs.
Thanks to the stabilization processes you can in fact choose solutions that do not require maintenance, fertilization or pruning, you have evergreen and luxuriant plants at your disposal, at any time of the year and without compromise, in comfortable planters and dividers with an elegant and impactful design .

We can create furnishing solutions for any type of home or commercial activity, combining style and practicality, to satisfy all specific requests and space requirements.

Our commitment is aimed at the development of this sector, always following our line and our sustainable operating style.

Muschio: per un design green e innovativo
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